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Advanced Aerial Mobility Systems

Rapid access to inaccessible objectives


Defence Defence Police Security Jet Pack

Defence, Security and Policing

Disaster Relief and Rescue Jet Pack

First Responders, Rescue and Disaster Relief

Engineering Maintenance Jet Pack

Engineering and Maintenance

Entertainment Experience Jet Pack

Entertainment and Experience


The Maverick® Aviation jetpack is hands-free, uses sustainable fuels, and is safe and easy to fly. For applications when an expert needs to reach an inaccessible task rapidly.

The technology can be reconfigured as a heavy-lift drone that is capable of lifting ten times the payload of any similar sized system on the market.


Exploiting advanced manufacturing techniques and materials, the robust and lightweight flight systems use aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre and 3D printed parts. A control system with advanced fuel management allows safe and dynamic flight in any environment.


Using a revolutionary and patent pending approach to Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL), the Maverick® jetpack provides a safe and steady flight platform allowing you to concentrate on your mission or just relax and just enjoy the power of flight. Intuitive control alongside safety, payload capacity, range and dynamic manoeuvrability make this the complete solution.  ​



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